Sweet side of Warsaw



Quality is most important to us. We use real butter, eggs, and fresh fruit. We make everything from scratch. 

  • Royal cupcake

    Royal cupcake

  • Blueberry cupcakes

    Blueberry cupcakes

  • Truffle tart

    Truffle tart

  • Mojito meringue

    Mojito meringue

  • Sweet cherry cake

    Sweet cherry cake

  • Blueberry bun

    Blueberry bun

  • Chocolate tart with raspberries

    Chocolate tart with raspberries

  • Angel wings

    Angel wings

  • Lemon tart

    Lemon tart

  • Goat cheese cupcakes with blueberries

    Goat cheese cupcakes with blueberries

Ice cream

Our ice cream is 100% natural. We achieve an intense taste because of the best recipes form Italian tradition. We offer among others Sicilian pistachio, salty caramel, brown butter or rhubarb. 

  • Raspberry, pistachio and chocolate

    Raspberry, pistachio and chocolate


We create famous meringues, blueberry buns, wedding cakes, cookies, mousses, cakes, Christmas desserts, Easter desserts and ice cream. This place is ruled by our pastry chefs  –  Bogusław Buczek and Konrad Wesołowski.

  • Pastry chef Bogusław Buczek

    Pastry chef Bogusław Buczek

  • Mousse de cassis

    Mousse de cassis

  • Cake decoration

    Cake decoration

  • Raspberry ice cream production

    Raspberry ice cream production

  • Rhubarb ice cream production

    Rhubarb ice cream production

  • Konrad Wesołowski

    Konrad Wesołowski

Wedding Cakes



  • Beauty


  • Flower


  • Spring


  • Naked


  • Passion fruit

    Passion fruit

  • Violet


  • Mojito


  • Pumpkin cheesecake

    Pumpkin cheesecake

  • Violet Panna Cotta

    Violet Panna Cotta

  • Fruit cupcakes

    Fruit cupcakes

  • Raspberry cake

    Raspberry cake

  • Mango with coconut rice

    Mango with coconut rice

  • Beetroot brownie

    Beetroot brownie

The main character – Meringue


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